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Audrey Hepburn

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

15 Top Things I Enjoy About Gent

Celebrating my one year in Ghent (maybe less than 10 months, if I consider sweet getaway on Christmas break, Easter break, and another breaks), I’ll be very happy to share some ultimate lovely things that I did or I felt during my stay in Gent.

1. Hearing ringing bell per hour and seeing current time from Sint Pietersabdij church in front of my study desk. Living in the fourth floor of Home Groningen, I am totally grateful to get this rare opportunity.

2. Jogging around Koning Albertpark, when I am bored with treadmill in Escape Fitness. This park located less than 300 m from my place, has well-maintained track for running and pasture for stretching and relaxing. I am also a fan of fresh fountain there.

3. Munching frieten and kebab in Overpoortstraat. Gouden sate for frieten and red-painted store for kebab.

pic from here

4. Cycling or walking on fall season in the park between Gustaaf Callierlaan and Zuidparklaan. Long straight line with two-sided trees between. You will feel romantic and relaxing when the brown leaves dropped down.

5. Browsing around lovely Dille and Kimelle in Hornstraat. Heaven for cooking and kitchen hardcore fans with limited budget. Not forget to mention CASA in Veldstraat for its cute seasonal eating utensils and interior decorations.

photo from here 

6. Getting cheap with good quality Belgian chocolate and fresh fruit and vegetable in Vridagmarkt.

7. Sitting and enjoying rare sunshine with kriek Lindemans in hand in Graslei.

8. Having big stuk of grilled chicken from slagerij next to DelHaize in Rabot. Combine with giant Turkish bread from bakkerij nearby. Self-reward after passing daily long-class.

9. Joining the crowd of massive 10 days Gentsefeesten around the city in September. Small street acts or big stage events pleased me so well. 

10. Enjoying fresh Chocoladebrood from Bakkerij Himschoot. European typical bread at the outside but still has fluffiness like Asian in the inside.

11. Sipping yummy hot Belgian chocolate with books in cozy Huize Colette. When coffee addiction coming, I visit little Mokabon café for its cappuccino met crème J. Small tips, use some Dutch for better service.

photo from here

12. Watching walking people from Hema café. Cheap Dutch dish (and some Indonesian) with wonderful view of Korenmarkt from above.

13. Walking around small medieval  Patershol quarter. Beautiful neighborhood with old row homes with cobblestone alleys. Uber romantic at night. (You can find good Indonesian restaurant as well)

photo from here 

12. Admiring beauty of posh Bloemenmarkt every Sunday in Kouter.

15. Lastly, as a student, I force myself to study in Boekentoren, UGent central library. Quite good ambience and sometimes with nice “view” of cute students. Hehehe.

photo from here

I still have 10 months to go. Perhaps I will add more to this list later.

If you come to Gent, don’t forget to try some of my favorite things here. J