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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Cant Get Enough with "shopping"

Hey ladies. How are you all? Quite long time ago, since the last time I post Jazzy Song Sensation last month. Lots of activities, start from work, bumps on itinerary of vacation with my fam to Singapore, and some laziness (have to move out from this area asap), makes me left this blog behind :D

I want to share some story about word "shopping" which is very identic with us (or me?)
Before I went out to Singapore, I already prepared some money to be spent out in Singapore Great Sale. Lot of friends said that bunch of thing in Singapore is quite cheap (actually quality worth it with the price), so I am ready to use those the money to shopping there.

And, this thing happen ! I only use 1/10 of the money to shopping there. Cant you imagine the feeling of mine when I face the store, find the good, and nothing I buy because it is not similar with the price that I think before ! And, what I think before ? "the price will be cheaper than in Indonesia".

Price is very important for me in buying everything. Whether it is worth it with the quality, or the price is cheap and the good is nice, and other. And if the good is not really what I need, I wont buy it. Happiness comes out, when I buy a thing, in a good price (whether not sale or sale (better sale)) with good quality, and it is something that I really need.

I felt proud of my self, when I came back to Indonesia (with lot of money left). And after that I went to Centro Plaza Semanggi, felt the sense of "Jakarta Great Sale" and buy two items which is very good in quality and price.

Happy to share you the story of mine :)
Shopping wisely girls !

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evie said...

great idea!

TheMadTwins said...

Love the idea :)

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Cee Harvey said...

lovely post
love the outfits

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