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Audrey Hepburn

Monday, 4 July 2011

Love: Paris x New York = London

As a city lover, and a love lover, my heart beats very quick seeing this video.
The beauty of city (New York, Paris, and London), the point of love, and serendipity makes this video too sweet (for me).
Tough splitscreen efect usually only used max 20 seconds per scene, watching 2:26 makes me guessing what scene next, who are they, when they meet.

What do you think ?

I guess you feel the same way too as I am :)


Leigh said...

cool video! i am with you :)

Janet at New Moon Glass said...

Oh no! I'm too late...the video is no longer available...

Pretty Muffin said...

i was expecting seeing the beauty but too bad i'm too late

Ima said...

As a city lover too (especially Paris lover) I'm kinda sad that the video is no longer available. I bet it's beautiful.

Ina said...

Noo :( the video isn't available. But with your description I can picture the video..

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The doll on fashion said...

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Miss Independent said...

love the video! lovely! Xx

LDM said...

you should definately try come visiting hong kong then!

xx from hong kong :)

Anonymous said...

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Carolina said...

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kcomekarolina said...


xoxo from rome

Lady Stardust said...

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Inspirations Have I None said...

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Anonymous said...

fabulous video, very creative! love all those city! xoxo

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stella lee said...

hi dear, nice blog you have

anyway, di blogku ada giveaway OPI dengan total hadiah lebih dari satu juta loh! ikutan yah ^_^ thanks

Raindrops of Red said...

the video doesn't seem to work, bummer :(
anyway, first time on your blog and i love it!!


Krimly said...

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