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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, 10 June 2010


Morning dear, yesterday (sorry i forgot to tell you), my order from fashion online shop, which is porcupid closet, came :) Have i told you that i am so addicted with online shopping? :)
Here, i share you the pic, and some cuteness about chiffon thingy :)

i order the right one :) and it is only IDR79.000 = $8 :) quite cheap :)

and some inspiration about chiffon thingy here :)

all pictures are grabbed from here

share me your fav chiffon thingy dear :)



ipehishere said...

baguss poto2nya.. i love this chiffon. hehe
ehhh new blog layout yaa.. sama nih ama yg kayak gue. gue juga nyolong dr website , cuma ama gue dirubah dikit hehe.. :D
baguss yaa layoutnya :D

casey aubut said...

I am your newest follower from Social Parade! I would love for you to stop by mine also!
Have a great weekend!


oh your blog is seriously incredible! these photos are simply so pretty not to right click & save :) i especially adore the second and last photo! chiffon is always gorgeous, have a lovely weekend ♥

ipehishere said...

ohh itu ada codenya , sini add ym gue aja gue kasih di ym hehe
ipeh_ipeh@yahxx.cox haha :D
ok ok?

Krissy said...

Following you from Social Parade!! :) Hopefully you can stop by my blog and do the same! Have a fantastic weekend!

Tessa said...

Hi, I'm now following you from Social Parade :) I would love if you could pop by mine, too.
Happy Friday!

Deb K said...


I am now following from the Social Parade.

You can find me here~


Krimly said...

Thank you so so much to participate in my Daniel's sandals giveaway. I'm so sorry your number wasn't the winner but I hope you like the blog and continue reading as well as participate in futures giveaways!!

You're so lovely and although I don't have lot's of time to commenting back I always try it!

btw, I love so much these images! the dresses are so beautiful!!


Fashion Fabrice said...

oh what a nice blog you have! so sweet and cute and your posts are great!
the fabric of the dresses in the pictures look really great, I'm sure they feel really soft when you put them on:) I can not wait for a post with your new top!

we follow you now!

Come along and follow us :)


Fashion Fabrice said...

We're already following you:)
Thanks for your comment! comeabck any time:)

Hope u'll follow us too!;)



yoli said...

love that blouse!

iris loves fashion said...

great inspiration pics!
thanks a lot for your comment!

shortnails said...

8 dollars? that is a great deal . I would love to see how you wear it. take an outfit of the day picture and post it up

dblchin said...

I love the sheer n chiffon look! very very pretty & lady like

Rebecca Everett said...

Absolutely chiffon heaven!! Beautiful blog you got here!

Hartley said...

Oh I just love your blog, so many wonderful things here!

Holly said...

What a lovely post! I'm also a fan of chiffon, but I don't have any photos. Perhaps I'll take some so I can show you! These photos are so beautiful. I especially love the hanging closet!

this free bird said...

oh my. i love your new top...and these other chiffon treasures you've discovered. think it's time to make a little addition to my wardrobe!!

ps - first time here and must go further investigate!!