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Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, 13 May 2010

what i want now 1st edition

i love blogwalking, i love looking new and old fashion items, and i love buy something online.
after spending around 1 hours, i find some cute things.
geeze, i want it, i want it, but am i need it? (kinda remember nice quote from confessions of shopaholic)
let me share you it.. :)

1. shoey

Superfashionme Shoezisme

IDR 225.000, so affordable

2. dressy

GOWIGASA Yamada Shop's

IDR 95.000 ! can you believe it..

3. clock

IDR 70.000

too many things i want, is it what i need?

1 comment:

Miy said...

The watch is supercute! very wonderlan-y.. ;)

The Picnic Girl